The Book of… (P. I)


I wanted to write today; I wasn’t sure what I should write. So, trusting in my process, I allowed myself to be open to the possibility of anything. This post will be the first part of at least two.

My work has, changed. I am proud of that, seeing as whatever it is I set to do seems to be out of the…”mainstream.” My inspiration to begin writing came from watching Brainard Carey’s videos that were linked in an email. Having a circle of support, believing in oneself/the value of one’s art, and what it means to make it in the art world [amongst other things] – sparked the push I needed to post something.

The transformation of my art is interesting. They’re currently created in a sketchbook at the moment. They are the originals and rough drafts. The glyphs/symbols will be copied [recreated by hand using the same techniques] to parchment paper and then a book will be created specifically for the parchment pages. The newly created forms/movement phrases will have their own place: a Book. It will be a book because a story is being told, and I feel it is fitting to have one created to keep record.

What is this story? How do I know it’s a story?


It all came to me in a dream.

In this dream, I saw a book; a book similar to the one I currently use for my sketches and drafts. In this book I saw the very same symbols that I have been drawing for this past couple of months. It was also revealed to me what this book contained, and its importance.

What does this mean for me and my work? What does the implied title, “The Book of Existence”, have to do with my art?

I will explain that in the next, more organized post.

Yume no Chikara…

The power of dreams, are not to be underestimated.


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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