After browsing a few profiles on Google+, I have been inspired to upload my photos from my travels.

I haven’t traveled to many places: Live in South Korea for 1 yr, visited Japan for vacation, lived in China for 1 yr, visited…a couple of Chinese cities while there [though I didn’t take many photos while in China], and spent some time in Thailand.

I used a Kodak digital camera…that’s about 4 years old. The pictures are nice.

I don’t like to take pictures just for the joy of pushing the button. There has to be a moment, the right space and time in order for me to take a picture. so I’m not very fond of photo memory albums. It’s not my cup of tea.

Sure, I’ll participate in someone else’s memory photos, but I won’t take any.

My photos have to call to me. It’s not a matter of I need to take a picture.

I am an amateur photographer…and will consider taking classes on tips and tricks, some day. But it’s not a priority at the moment. Just a hobby…

Hmm, maybe I’ll post about that process…



Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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