Where does ‘inspiration’ come from? As much of a psych fanatic I may be, I will anser this question with great simplicity, and leave the analyzing for later…

My inspiration comes from the abyss…the unknown…the subconscious [and possibly unconscious] part of my being. It comes from my dreams and the world of the unseen.

Sounds mystical, yes, but that is my nature. During the day I’m mostly engaged in creating my artwork [or brooding over not having internet connection to upload pictures, or do some writing]; most of the time I’m so far in the zone that the opportunity for inspiration or to create something new may go unnoticed. I won’t see it until I’m asleep. The mind is more receptive when we’re not focused on anything.

When it’s empty.

At ease.


No mind…

Sounds Zen, but it is a part of my creative process [going off an a tangent, sorry…].

I am inspired by what many don’t, can’t or refuse to see. “It’s there! It’s RIGHT there”, I like to yell to myself, or sometimes say out loud, but my words usually fall unto deaf ears.

When I look at paper, I see an ancient scroll or a secret that’s been tucked away for so long…

When I look at paint, I see magic ink. It’s the stuff that brings any and everything to life. It’s a code for creating that magic wormhole that connections realms, past and future…

When I look at fabric, I see maps of something long lost, incantations and words that will open doorways to places that exists beyond the realm of dreams…

I’m inspired to bring into being what may seem illusive and unreal.

…what may ‘seem‘ illusive and unreal…


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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