First Group Exhibit, Pt. I

So…today is the opening for my very first group exhibit at a gallery in Long Island City.

26 artists….

There was a “call for entries”, and the theme: Beauty. At the time I was engaged in doing artwork to help with my healing process, and was intrigued by what was being created.

I’m not sure how I came across the listing, but after seeing the gallery’s call twice online, in two different places, I decided to give it a shot.

Why not? Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, right?

The deadline was that same day I found the call. With 3 hours left to the deadline, I decided to email the few pictures that I’d already uploaded.

Assuming I’d hear a response the following day, I didn’t expect to get an instant reply [I think it was within the hour I submitted my pics]]. She said she was just going through which artists to invite and thought my pieces looked interesting.


Now, most shows charge a fee; and this one was kind of huge. Not having a source of income, I decided to raise the funds…online.

Within 30 minutes I raised half of what I needed, within 3 hours, I raised 1/3 of what I needed; within 3 days I raised all of what was needed [with a surplus of one dollar and change].

In the end, I consider this a wonderful first step. Anything is possible!

And it’s super awesome to have supportive people around you.

My mantra was “It will all come together the way it supposed to”. For me, it was a defining moment. yes, If this did go through, then I know it’s the right direction. Everything else wasn’t working out or going through. Old doors were closing and I was trying to keep them open for the sake of other people.

So, I opted for following my heart, and wha-la!

I’m currently creating a new circle of supporters [not necessarily financial supporters, but a positive circle of like-minded people]. This new venture, being a full-time Interdisciplinary Artist, is going to be a challenging one, but one I am fully committed to.

In three hours, I’ll be at the gallery, with my mum and younger sis in tow as my primary supporters.

Until I return…


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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