A few words…

A word about my process…a few words in fact

There are times where I ‘feel’ I’ve lost my art. When the pastel meets the paper, and I find myself struggling with allowing the inner impulse to take form, I know I’ve entered into a place where my mind is trying to drive the creation of the art.

That’s not Shadow Cartography.

I tend to panic. What’s happening? Why isn’t anything coming through? What’s going on? Did I lose it? Is this it? Is this the end?? What will happen to me? What will I do now?

Yes, I consider my art a gift, a privilege, and a beautiful means to communicate with my Self. To ‘lose’ it would mean….Oh I wouldn’t even want to begin thinking about that.

Sometimes, taking a day off from creating art is necessary. Thinking too much can really kill the process. I am relieved that ‘it’s’ still there.


Don’t ever leave…. I commit myself to listening. So don’t ever leave….


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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