OF Gold….

I decided to be present for and participate in a Spring Equinox celebration, this past Saturday….facilitated by a Shamanic Practitioner [his label, not mine].

I arrived with two colleagues/peers from school; we were a bit late, yet  just in time – the drumming did not begin. The participants and host were standing in a circle on the labyrinth.

The three of us found a space to stand within the circle and waited for things to begin. The practitioner put his drum down and proceeded to the center of the labyrinth to light the sage so that my peers and I would be cleansed.

This post is pretty much about what was witnessed by another participant when it was my turn to be cleansed. I’m highlighting this because it has a lot to do with my practice and the work I will be doing in this world/lifetime. Nothing dramatic or way out there…just something that will stick with me as I further engage my work that I wanted to share.

After we finished the first part of the equinox ceremony, just before we went inside to eat, a woman [another colleague/peer] approached me to share her experience of when I was being smudged/cleansed.

“I saw your aura.”

Of course, I got excited about that and  was curious to know the color(s) she saw/what she observed. She  wrote them down so that she wouldn’t forget while I guessed the color(s).

I said purple, and she said that color showed up during meal times this past seminar we were both in attendance for, but did not show up in those moments. She asked me to guess again.

I did not know what else to say; I wanted to say a particular color yet didn’t think it was the case. So I said turquoise.

She said she saw gold…like a gold-orange color with light. She also said that once the smoke hit the area around my throat and forehead the colors lit up and flared outward, sparks flying here and there.

I was  not surprised, yet surprised…I thanked her for her observation and pondered about the gold.

I’ve been adorning my face with gold [and sometimes on my body at night] for a little while now.

Why? Well, it has been a theme in my dreams for some time. My dreams have informed my waking life; this is something I am exploring within my research interests.

And to hear of someone else’s experience of me during ceremony is more than enough confirmation…

This is not to say that because of adorning myself with gold, my aura will have gold within it. I’m just sharing this because there is a connection there – it’s all in my dream material and it is something I will share more of as I move forward in my work.

Path less traveled…

Drifting to sleep, my body fell into a state of natural paralysis, while my mind maintained its grasp on my external surroundings.

Remaining aware of going into REM sleep used to scare me to the core. I would encounter those that have crossed over, being left with the task of delivering messages to family members. In some cases, I would be pulled into a space that existed in the realm of the unseen, traveling landscapes that would never exist on the realm of the seen as the tangible reality.

Nowadays, I willingly jump out of myself during the process of falling into sleep. If I’m exhausted, I don’t give anyone or anything the luxury of speaking to me while in that state. I usually invite them to the land of dreams to speak. It’s hard enough to get a full night’s rest these days; having conversations during REM is the last thing I want when I’m exhausted.

Which brings me to a recent experience:

As I welcomed sleep, I felt the onset of REM state, and was curious about any new developments with regards to my growth and process. My curiosity was satisfied by a visitor…

A visit from the masculine part of myself.

The last encounter I had with myself was earlier this year. He relayed a message I had difficulty integrating into my being. Who wants to ‘wear a gold crown’; letting go of everything that is not in support of the changes that come with the responsibility of ‘wearing a crown’?

Everything you thought you knew; everything you thought you should be doing is naught but delusional whimsies. The realization of what you are to be doing requiring a re-evaluation of self, purpose, and associations.

The work done up to know has been fruitful. This time he showed up as a High Priest, revealed a bit of information that reassured me that I am indeed doing my work and am on the right path…

I wish to serve you.

What better way for your ‘Other Self’ to come to you and consummate the law of balance. ‘I Wish to Serve You’. I’d like to serve me too! As a matter of fact, I am serving me. In doing so, I am helping others.

The sad part about this experience was the response I received after sharing it with someone I looked to for assistance when my experiences are beyond my usual scope of experience.

When people practice a set path, their ‘everything’ is shaped and molded by that path. So when someone outside of their path comes along, their interpretation of the Other is from their own experience. Whatever happened to lending ear to the experience of the individual before placing your blanket of understanding/seeing/experience on the Other?

It boils down to, once again, limiting the ‘who’ I share to and how I share what it is I share.

But that’s with everything right? So why should this be any different??

I’m beginning to see that the path I am to take, is one less traveled, if not existent. A priestess recently said to me

“You must follow your heart. However if you choose to do so, it will be lonely at times. It’s a hard road to travel for many.”


Snippet of a Draft…

I grew up in a house of Wisdom and Royalty. My biological father, a Priest of an age old Yoruba tradition out of the continent we now call Africa [Ifa]; my step-father, the man my mother married [and later divorced], a Prince – one of the many sons of an exiled King [may he rest in peace]; my mother,  a woman that possess within her blood knowledge she has yet to come to terms with. 

Life for me was easy, fun, magical, enjoyable. 

As a child [and still to this day], mirrors always fascinated me. Their ability to reflect felt like a façade to me because the truths of all matters were hidden behind the glass. I liken this observation to the way of my life – as above, so below, the truth concealed behind the reflection. It is not the reflection that matters most; it’s what is hidden beneath the surface that is key.

Here I am, emerging from one way of being into another, one that is not written where I can emulate. Rather, it is already written – in a book within myself yet shared across space with my predecessors. There is nothing ‘out there’ that details how to be…

This isn’t the yoga of India, the Zen of Japan, or the Martial Art of China. It is a secret society whose secrets have been very well kept through millennia. This is a reintroduction to something that has been kept hidden for far too long.

The very thing that stars are made of, is the same material that the human body is made of. If one were searching for the blueprint of the human body, one would have only to look up. If one were to search for the perfect model for growth and transformation, one would have only to look up. For all things Tangible, there is an Intangible counterpart…




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At the Crux…

-PP Music (UK) – “Ultimatum” — The Lost Sequel-


They have spoken; those who have come before me – my ancestors. It is their Mystery I am to be initiated into first.

They have spoken; those who came before me – my predecessors. It is into their Mystery I am to be introduced, above all else.

And there is the crux of my journey, the tug of war between two powers – Ancestry and Sovereignty.

I traveled to an unfamiliar land to seek a solution, the most favorable solution. It is my desire to be Introduced into the Mystery of my predecessors first. Sovereignty is all I desire to accomplish first hand.

The Oracle spoke. It said both mysteries is where I belong, however, Ancestry comes first.

If left alone, a power struggle between the two with me in the middle, would ensue. I knew this deep down. So I petitioned the Oracle to mediate with my ancestors, and allow me to enter the mysteries of my predecessors first.

The petition was granted, provided a condition is met: appease those who came before me. Very well, then…very well.

My predecessors rejoiced!  However, this petition did very little to placate them.

They are eager, with such intensity, I do not sleep well some nights. They speak through my dreams and say I must come to them; they petition higher powers beyond the Nature of Earth to speak to me in my dreams, urging me to go to the Mystery of my predecessors. No rest is gained when my dreams are filled with such intensity.

An equivalent exchange must take place…payment for services never seems to fail when dealing with the human aspect of existence. Perhaps if my predecessors are eager enough, they will petition to the Oracle for a means to manifest so that I can give what is necessary in order for me to go through the ceremony. In the end, no one, no being of flesh and blood, is above Spirit/The Universe. When the Oracle speaks, nothing much can change the verdict…

…except maybe an honest, pure and true petition.

An equivalent exchange, huh?

Very well, then…very well.


The Ultimatum in disguise…





My Mother…




I long for the embrace of my mother.

I speak to the power that which assisted in the creation of my unique signature. My Mother…

                  ….The Wind, The Heavens, That Which Destroys in order for Creation to come to Pass…

In these moments, both She and I are at an impasse – She is a force so strong, that only the initiated are given the permission to mingle, communicate, interact. But I, the uninitiated, have been told by my newly appointed Godmother, ‘No’; that I cannot see or work with my Mother. 

Her power is strong, and I have yet to be tempered to it. However, I can sense and see Her, hovering; watching; and wanting to embrace me fully. Unbeknownst to me, I petitioned the Creator to work with my Mother. I did not speak it, nor did I say a prayer. I desired it deeply, so much so, that my Soul requested a petition. 

As a result, the Creator made aware of this petition to my Godmother. In the end, she told me ‘No’. Her decision was out of concern for me; for my safety and those around me, I am not to interact with my Mother. At least, not until I have been initiated into Her mystery. 

There She hovers…there I observe and desire…

…to feel the embrace of my Mother. No matter Her power, or the potential for destruction. 

I want…to work…with, my Mother, the only and mighty Warrior….


Musings of a Realm